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Technical Education plays an important role in the development of the country in general, emancipation empowerment principal of poor and disadvantaged groups/ population in particular it provide various types of man power. It is the backbone of the country for its infrastructure, industry and economic development. The technical education system provides the practical education to student so as to groom their personalities to such a level that they create a mark not only in the growth and development of our own country but also make a remarkable and positive dent in development knowledge economies of the world.Labs and Workshops have to be research oriented. We need to perform things in labs instead of doing spoon feeding.No sample working but a complete work culture is the need of the day. A level needs to be attained where people from all and abroad should look at us as an image building factor.

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Civil Engineering

The field of civil engineering is developing steadily in recent years as we have now realized the importance of infrastructure development. If one has a crave for structural design, planning and construction, then this is the course to be explored.


Electrical & Electronics Engineering

This is a new branch which provides integration of Electrical & Electronics engineering.



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Congratulations on taking this step accelerating your career with a Professional Engineering in Diploma Courses. After choosing a program of study, choosing the right institution is what matters the most. We assure you that choosing Government Women Polytechnic College, (GWPC) will definitely be enriching and rewarding experience for you. Government Women Polytechnic College is blessed with natural beauty, the district is covered by Dense forest, hills and rivers. Its situated South-West corner of Jharkhand. Government Women Polytechnic College is known for vibrant people and nature.