S.No Faculty Name Qualifications Department
1 Kameswar Singh Mtech Electrical Electrical
2 Vandana Kujur Btech Civil Civil
3 Sandeep Kumar Btech ECE ECE
4 Kajal Kumari Btech EEE EEE
5 Dipika Kumari MA English English
6 Rajkumar saha MSC Physics Physics
7 Anita Hansda MSC Chemistry Chemistry
8 Vikash Kumar MSC Math Math
9 Dipak Kumar Day Btech Mechanical Mechanical

About Us

Congratulations on taking this step accelerating your career with a Professional Engineering in Diploma Courses. After choosing a program of study, choosing the right institution is what matters the most. We assure you that choosing Government Women Polytechnic College, (GWPC) will definitely be enriching and rewarding experience for you. Government Women Polytechnic College is blessed with natural beauty, the district is covered by Dense forest, hills and rivers. Its situated South-West corner of Jharkhand. Government Women Polytechnic College is known for vibrant people and nature.